Meet Delic psychedelic conference recap

by Numinus

Nov 16, 2021

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In this episode of the Psychedelic Therapy Frontiers podcast, Dr. Steve Thayer and Dr. Reid Robison give a recap of their experience at the Meet Delic conference in Las Vegas. Meet Delic is an annual conference for psychedelic wellness and business industry professionals.  They discuss the following topics:

(1:30) What psychedelic industry conferences are like
(3:45) Area 15 and Meow Wolf
(5:50) inHarmony and BioAcoustic Mat
(6:44) Tripp VR app
(7:34) SoundSelf VR experience
(9:19) Laura Dawn shamanic life coach talked about psychedelics and creative problem-solving
(12:14) Dr. Molly Maloof talked about using psychedelics for sexual dysfunction
(14:07) The promise of MDMA for couples counseling, especially where PTSD is involved
(16:29) Dr. John Gottman and couples counseling
(17:24) Heroic Hearts Project
(18:24) The efficacy of microdosing
(22:19) Duncan Trussel and the value of comedy in society
(24:58) The Midnight Gospel
(27:41) Pete Holmes and his book Comedy, Sex, God
(28:50) Bill Burr and using mushrooms to help with his anger
(30:56) Aubrey Marcus
(34:20) Hemplucid CBD products
(37:17) Psychedelics and body-based healing

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