Music for psychedelic therapy with Jon Hopkins

by warrengibbon

Nov 08, 2022

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In this episode of the Psychedelic Therapy Frontiers Podcast, Dr. Joe Flanders interviews musician & producer, Jon Hopkins. Jon has been producing music for over 20 years. He’s written six studio albums and has produced albums for Coldplay & Brian Eno. His album Singularity received a Grammy nomination for best electronic dance album in 2018. His latest album, Music for Psychedelic Therapy, was written as a soundtrack for ketamine experiences. Joe and Jon discuss Jon’s motivation to write the album, as well as his meditation practice, the role of music in psychedelic therapy, and the Ram Dass lecture that formed lyrics to the album’s powerful closing track. Jon also shares how ketamine played a role creating the Music for Psychedelic Therapy album.

(2:50) Jon’s process for making the album, Music for Psychedelic Therapy
(7:05) The importance of music in psychedelic therapy
(10:10) How new technologies help artists create immersive music
(12:00) Wavepaths: music for psychedelic therapy
(17:18) What was Jon processing personally while making this album?
(22:40) What is healing about the beauty of being in touch with sadness?
(29:23) Joe’s ketamine experience with Jon’s album and how Jon used his own ketamine experiences to compose the album
(42:26) The song, Sitting Around the Fire, and using music with lyrics for psychedelic therapy
(52:44) The drawbacks of smartphone use and push notifications
(01:00:00) The music as medicine concert series and how it’s different

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