Shamanism and modern medicine with Dr. Alan Davis

by Numinus

Oct 26, 2021

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In this episode of the Psychedelic Therapy Frontiers podcast, Dr. Steve Thayer and Dr. Reid Robison are joined by Dr. Alan Davis, MD. Alan is a physical medicine and rehabilitation physician and shamanic practitioner. They cover the following topics:

(1:38) Alan introduces himself
(2:38) What does “shamanism” mean?
(4:55) Shamanic initiations
(10:00) What is “Core Shamanism”?
(12:38) The role of ceremony in shamanic practice
(15:20) The importance of mindset and setting when going into a plant medicine ceremony
(16:50) How to navigate the fear of purging in a plant medicine ceremony
(21:48) The concept of oneness and healing by unblocking stuck energy
(28:50) Being a shaman doesn't make you a saint
(31:50) Was Jesus a shaman?
(34:25) The role of madness in the shamanic path
(38:14) The tools of core shamanism to trigger an altered state
(46:30) The importance of practice and “the journey is the point”
(52:00) Sound as a portal to non-ordinary states
(52:55) How do we merge shamanism and western medicine?
(01:07:00) Self Observation, by Red Hawk
(01:08:10) Foundation for Shamanic Studies
(01:08:57) Society for Shamanic Practice
(01:09:56) Shamanic Teachers
(01:10:10) The Power Path
(01:11:06) The Four Winds Institute
(01:11:41) Red flags to watch for when looking for a shamanic teacher/healer

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