We are Gods with amnesia with Demetri Vallejos

by Numinus

Apr 26, 2022

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In this episode of the Psychedelic Therapy Frontiers podcast, Dr. Steve Thayer and Dr. Reid Robison are joined by Demetri Vallejos. Demetri has dedicated his life to helping find optimal wellness and productivity by remembering a long-forgotten truth: that we are all gods. He has experience and skill with plant medicine, meditation, psychedelic integration, astrology, and something he calls quantum bionetic coaching. His website is https://www.rawdimension.com/

(2:10) Demetri tells his story
(6:08) Tool: Lateralus and Alex Grey artwork
(8:36) The nature of consciousness and “nous”
(12:26) Corpus Hermeticum
(16:08) Non-dual awareness
(21:19) Cosmobiology and the Kali Yuga
(27:58) Consciousness from a physics perspective
(28:30) Joe Dispenza
(29:41) We create our own reality and are gods with amnesia
(40:46) The nature of the divine
(45:26) The elements: magnetic and electric fluids
(48:10) The Immortality Key, by Brian Muraresku
(50:44) Demetri's spiritual and meditative practices
(54:30) Initiation into Hermetics, by Franz Bardon
(1:00:00) Decriminalize Nature

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