What is a MAPS MDMA therapist training retreat like?

by Numinus

Oct 11, 2022

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Steve recently returned from the MAPS MDMA therapist training retreat, so we thought we would discuss his experience and Reid’s MAPS training a few year back. We discus the differences between the live and zoom versions of this training, some of the challenges MAPS is facing with therapist training, accessibility & feasibility, and other post-FDA approval considerations.

(1:45) Steve introduces his trip report
(2:23) MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies)
(5:51) Colorado is a hub for spirituality
(8:57) Training model
(14:45) Predictable future of the clinical trials
(17:18) Proactive MAPS studies and the future of legal treatment
(18:49) FDA
(19:30) MDMA benefits for couples
(20:06) Anne Wagner study
(25:49) Co-therapists 
(27:27) The use of music
(31:30) Steve's inner-healer 
(33:53) Reid's inner-healer
(35:11) The OG's of psychedelics

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