André Morin

PhD Student
Doctorant en psychologie (pratique supervisée)


André specializes in the treatment of anxiety, obsessive-compulsive, and stress-related disorders. The services he offers are based on a cognitive-behavioral clinical orientation, and his approach to therapy is rooted in collaboration, empathic listening, and non-judgment.

During therapy sessions, a strong focus is given to the exploration of links that may be observed between thoughts, behaviors, and anxiety or stress-related difficulties. Intervention methods generally include both in-session exercises, and strategies meant to be implemented in daily life.

With his professional and academic background, André has received training in a variety of treatment modalities, including cognitive-behavioral therapy, exposure and response prevention, inference-based therapy, and prolonged exposure therapy. He also utilizes treatment strategies found in acceptance and commitment therapy, behavioral activation, and mindfulness-based interventions.


Montreal 393 Laurier West
Numinus Montreal 397 Laurier West
Numinus Montreal Sherbrooke
Monday 9AM-4PM
Tuesday 9AM-4PM
Friday 9AM-4PM

“You got nothing but time. The whole question is how you are going to use the time that you have.” (Jon Kabat-Zinn)

Call us toll-free 1-833-NUMINUS (686-4687)
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