Deanna Rogers

Instructor and Subject Matter Expert


Deanna has been working with plant medicines for over the last decade for personal healing and discovery. She has worked with the Temple of the Way of Light, The Integration Circle, and has run her own private practice for the last five years. She has also collaborated with psychedelic leaders such as Double-Blind Magazine and Psychedelics Today. She has worked in this field for the last ten years and has supported hundreds of people with many aspects of plant medicine and psychedelic experiences including applicant assessment, program design, preparation, retreat facilitation, group processing, and integration support, and has run several psychedelic harm reduction focused consultation groups for healthcare professionals. Her goal is to empower people to cultivate a deep connection to self, to help integrate trauma and align to their path going forward. She has trained with and is inspired by Indigenous Healers, Dr. Gabor Maté, Compassionate Inquiry, Somatic Experiencing, and is currently doing her master's in counseling psychology. Curiosity and compassion are two of the main tools that she brings to this work.


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