Alison Strandberg | MA, CRC, LPC

Alison holds a Bachelor’s in Rehabilitation and a Master’s in Counselling: Rehabilitation and Mental Health from the University of Arizona, and she is a certified Rehabilitation Counselor as well as a Licenced Professional Counselor. She specializes in individual, group, and family therapy using CBT, play therapy, sand tray, and DBT approaches. She primarily works with children and adolescents, although she also treats adults. Alison has been using Sand Tray Therapy and play therapy interventions to help people process their lived experiences via their own language and other forms of expression. Alison has delivered comprehensive DBT services to patients in both outpatient and inpatient settings, and she worked in community-based mental health organizations that support marginalized communities, underserved populations, and grant funded services for LGBTQ youth. Alison is enthusiastic about advocacy and psychoeducation, and she employs a strengths-based, person centered approach to her treatment. She is a passionate clinician who is providing psychedelic-assisted therapy to assist those in their healing journey through a more embodied experience.

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