Brett Sharp, MD

Dr. Brett Sharp is a triple board-certified (pediatrics, child psychiatry and adult psychiatry) physician with experience treating adults, children and adolescents. He has extensive experience in treating all aspects of medical, behavioral and developmental problems in children and adolescents. He also has extensive experience in both outpatient and inpatient adult psychiatry. In his practice, Dr. Sharp emphasizes treatments that incorporate an individual's medical, psychological, social, family and spiritual needs and wishes. Dr Sharp is known for effectively treating patients facing medical, neurological or developmental challenges that impact behavior or proper-functioning at school, work or home. Dr. Sharp is committed to patient wellness and ensuring the best possible outcomes. Seeking to individualize effective treatments and avoid undue risk, Dr. Sharp judiciously prescribes medication along with integrated therapies. Dr. Sharp has a reputation for treating each patient and their family with dignity and respect.

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