Dr. Dominique Cloutier


Dominique is a psychologist who holds a doctorate from the Université du Québec in Montréal and has completed her clinical training in child psychiatry at the Jewish General Hospital. She offers individual therapy for children, teenagers, and adults that emphasizes an integrative approach adjustable to the needs of her clients. She works in particular with theoretical psychodynamic and cognitive-behavioural approaches. Dominique offers comprehensive psychological assessments for children and adolescents who have cognitive, academic, and attentional difficulties. She has clinical experience with a variety of issues such as anxiety disorders, mood disorders, behavioral disorders, eating disorders, emotional difficulties, adjustment, relational and family conflicts. She is also interested in the issues of parenting and offers parental guidance on issues surrounding parent-child attachment and developmental difficulties. Dominique places great importance on the therapeutic relationship and is committed to creating a relationship of trust, openness, and collaboration. Finally, she also considers therapy as a space of reflection that allows the client to see another mode of psychological functioning than the one they are accustomed to and to discover the possibility of giving meaning to their suffering. Dominique offers therapeutic and evaluation services in both French and English.

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