Dr. Julian Chiarella


Julian received his Ph.D. candidate in clinical psychology at Concordia University where he studied the impact of childhood trauma on the brain in the context of depression. He has extensive experiencing working with individuals suffering from mood and anxiety disorders, complex trauma, conversion disorders and personality disorders. In addition, he has received specialized training treating individuals with severe obsessive-compulsive disorder, sexual dysfunction and relationship difficulties, as well as individuals affected by cancer. Julian’s approach to therapy is integrative and tailored to the individual. He largely draws on psychodynamic, emotion focused and existential approaches, but frequently incorporates elements of cognitive behavioural and mindfulness-based therapies. He emphasizes the therapy process (how the client is feeling in the here and now) as a way to help clients better understand themselves and how they relate to others. Above all, he strongly believes in the importance of fostering a warm, empathetic, and open environment where clients can feel heard and understood.

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