Dr. Karine St-Jean

Senior Psychologist & Mindfulness Teacher

Dr. Karine St-Jean is a psychologist, member of the Quebec Order of Psychologists and a mindfulness teacher. She completed her doctoral degree at the UQAM and, for the first 10 years of her professional life, she worked as an entrepreneur and manager in the field of workplace health, while having a clinical practice. She now devotes herself to her psychological practices. Her therapy style is cognitive-behavioral, with a strong emphasis on relational processes and mindfulness-based interventions. As a therapist, Dr. St-Jean has a collaborative, active and practical approach. Her non-judgemental and open attitude allows her to meet her clients where they are in their life. Her intention is to offer a space where everyone can pursue their goals, reduce their stress, improve their mood, and better adjust to the many challenges of life. She works with an adult clientele struggling with stress, depression, anxiety and adjustment difficulties as well as with with workers and leaders with personal or work related issues. She has a deep interest in helping people cope with ecoanxiety. Fascinated by this space created at the intersection psychology, mindfulness and the environmental cause, Dr. St-Jean is guided by her desire to promote the well-being of humans, living beings, the planet and its biodiversity. She offers a space to find one’s own balance between self-care and care for the planet. Dr. St-Jean offers workshops and conferences on this topic. Dr. St-Jean integrates a practice of mindfulness meditation to her daily routine and believes that this practice is a great tool to manage stress, cope with the challenges of life and find meaning in our lives. She is particularly interested in integrating these tools in psychotherapy as practices to increase our level of consciousness and cultivating a deep seated happiness. Dr. St-Jean integrates her experiences as an entrepreneur and a manager to her practice in psychology to offer a concrete and practical approach. In this context, Dr. St-Jean accompanies managers, professionals and all type of workers in managerial coaching, career counselling, and skills development. Her goal is to support professional growth and accomplishment with interventions focused on each client’s values, objectives, and goals.

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