Dr. Laurel Tien, PhD, RCC


I am impassioned about working with people who are awakening to their own potential and find having someone walk this journey with them to be helpful. I believe that holding space to be seen and heard in this awakening process is priceless. I come to the practice of counselling with a passion for wellness and transformative, life-long learning. I work in the public setting as a clinical counsellor in a local primary care network, support a local arts organization as executive director, and teach Clinical Counselling at the post-secondary level. I am particularly interested in post-modern and integral approaches to working with neurodiversity, couples, sexuality, and psychedelic integration. I have completed additional training in sex therapy, somatic and mindfulness-based approaches to trauma, and psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy. My Ph.D. in the Transformative Studies program at California Institute of Integral Studies focused on privileging emergence and relational learning as generative collective wisdom. My beliefs about diversity and inclusion are couched in this participatory framework. As a white, cisgender female settler, I am committed to living an authentic life in which I know who I am—and actively seek areas outside of my awareness/comfort zone.

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