Dr. Omer Vincent-Desrosiers, Psy.D.


Dr. Omer Vincent-Desrosiers, psychologist, has practiced psychotherapy in public and community settings, as well as at the Numinus Clinic, with a variety of clients. In terms of therapeutic approach, he works primarily with schema therapy. He also enjoys working with psychodynamic therapy, ACT (acceptance and commitment therapy) and existential therapy, depending on the client’s needs. Omer believes that greater self-awareness helps to alleviate psychological suffering and allows each person to make better decisions based on their needs, values and goals. This can be done in therapy through awareness of internal patterns or dynamics, development of emotional regulation and committed action towards what is important to the client. Omer’s approach allows for tuning into the subjective experience of the client in order to create a space where the client feels understood and heard. The trusting relationship that is established facilitates the exploration of past and present dynamics, which helps to unravel and make sense of the relational and professional impasses that may arise in the clients’ lives. This therapeutic process requires a participatory commitment on the part of the client, in addition to a concern for the client’s well-being and personal development. Omer works with clients in French.

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