Lindsay Helm, PA-C

Lindsay’s interest in the brain and behavior was piqued early in her college career. She earned her undergraduate degree in neuroscience, with a special interest in attention and meditation. She went on to work in a brain imaging lab at the University of Utah studying pediatric brain development and autism, enjoying immensely the insight this work provided into human development, cognition, and behavior. Lindsay started her career in healthcare as a psychiatric technician on the inpatient psychiatry unit at the University of Utah hospital. Here, she felt a strong connection with patients facing a variety of mental health challenges. It was through this work she realized the healing power of providing comfort, listening, and holding space for patients during difficult times. She strives to incorporate these elements into her practice, believing that the relationship between patient and provider should be therapeutic in addition to recommended treatments. Lindsay graduated from Idaho State University with a master’s degree in physician assistant studies. She worked in primary care for several years, where she developed a holistic approach to physical and mental wellness. Most recently, she gained additional training in psychiatry working in the psychiatric emergency room at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle. She finds that the most rewarding aspect of her work is witnessing her patient’s quality of life improve as they implement positive habit change such as smoking cessation, sleep and nutrition improvements, enjoyment of physical activity, and mindfulness. She believes in the power of the individual to heal and she enjoys working in a close partnership with patients to make healthy lifestyle changes and optimize medication if needed. She has completed Ketamine Provider Training through the Integrative Psychiatry Institute and she has a strong interest in practicing psychedelic medicine. She is pleased to be able to offer ketamine as an option to her patients and is excited about the future of psychedelic medicine. She is a lifelong learner and is constantly reading books and studies, listening to podcasts or lectures on neuroscience, psychiatry, psychedelics, meditation, sleep and dreaming, and the gut/brain connection. Lindsay enjoys trail running with her husband and watching her young daughter explore the world. Dance and music are essential practices in her life and she enjoys playing the violin, community ecstatic dance events, and is a hoop dance instructor.

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