Maurice Fiedel, DNP PMHNP-BC

Maurice has had the privilege of working in many practice areas throughout his nursing career, including psychiatry, oncology, palliative care, medical intensive care, hospice, and home health. Much of his psychiatry experience has been in adolescents; however, he also has many years of experience working with adults. He enjoys working with a variety of age groups and possesses a natural ability to build rapport with his patients. Maurice began his medical career as a registered nurse in Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT)/oncology in 2006 and received his bachelor’s in nursing (BSN) at the University of Utah in 2008. After he received his BSN, he spearheaded a cross-training program to educate the intensive care team on caring for the complex needs of the bone marrow patient population. He later moved to the intensive care unit full-time, where he spent the next four years. However, by accident, he found his true passion when he switched gears to hospice, then psychiatric care at University’s Neuropsychiatric Institute. He then continued his education at Marysville University and received his master’s degree as a Nurse Practitioner in Psychiatric Mental Health. In that time, he also received a master’s degree in Business and Healthcare Administration. Outside of nursing, Maurice served in the United States Navy, where he has a passionate love for the veteran community. As a Military Veteran and his work experience in mental health, oncology, critical care, and hospice, Maurice’s particular areas of interest are post-traumatic stress disorder, palliative care, anxiety, depression, and obsessive compulsive disorder. His main area of interest is how the mind-body connection plays a role in overall health and healing. Maurice’s approach to treatment is patient-centered and focused on the whole person. In his view, a mental condition may not always be a mental disorder but rather a natural manifestation of some underlying imbalance. With that, he believes a combination of traditional and holistic treatment offers the best outcome. Maurice has always enjoyed helping people and finds his work very rewarding. During his off time, Maurice likes spending time with family, traveling and enjoying outdoor activities.

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