Paul Thielking, MD


Dr. Paul Thielking is board certified in psychiatry, hospice & palliative medicine, and integrative medicine. Dr. Thielking is the principal investigator for a psilocybin enhanced group psychotherapy intervention for cancer patients with depression and a co-investigator on a study for ketamine-assisted psychotherapy for opioid use disorder. He has extensive experience with creating innovative group therapy interventions for patients with serious illness and has successfully integrated ketamine-assisted psychotherapy services within an academic outpatient oncology clinic for cancer patients with depression. Dr. Thielking was director of psycho-oncology at the University of Utah Huntsman Cancer Institute for five years and was previously an associate professor in the department of psychiatry at the university of Utah. He was also the medical director of the tobacco treatment program at the Huntsman Cancer Institute. He has extensive experience with medical students, residents and fellows. Dr. Thielking is a graduate of the California Institute of Integrative Studies’ Certification of Psychedelic Therapy and Research program.

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