Scott Osabuohien, PMHNP-BC

Scott Osabuohien, PMHNP-BC (he/him/his), received a Master of Science in Nursing emphasizing in Psychiatric Mental Health from the University of South Alabama during December 2021. As a PMHNP-BC, Scott offers care and services to patients of all ages to assess, diagnose, and treat mental health. Scott has been working in healthcare since 2013 while simultaneously caring for patients and furthering his education. Scott grew up in the Philippines, immigrated to California in his youth, and has lived in Utah and Idaho during his adulthood. After entering adulthood, Scott knew he wanted to work in healthcare and became highly interested in psychiatric work. Scott’s life experiences, educational background, and professional work have helped him see the great need there is for professional quality mental health care. He hopes to fill the need for mental health treatment and support. Scott prioritizes a global perspective, practical application of psychiatric treatments, and in-depth analysis through listening and observation. His approach is greatly informed by continually researching and practicing the most current and evidenced-based methods. Scott is dedicated to offering all his education, knowledge, and experience to aid each patient. As a mental healthcare provider, Scott’s goals include authentically listening to the needs of his patients. He also aims to treat their symptoms, help them understand their mental health needs, and encourage them to live at their best. Scott makes it a priority to use the most current evidence-based treatment available to inform the care he provides.

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