Shad Tillotson, FNP-C, PMHNP-BC

Shad has a background in the medical field since 2003 and recent family practice for six years prior to venturing into psychiatry in 2017. He offers clients a comprehensive background assessment for mental health diagnoses and treatments. He has experience with a wide range of ages down to 12 years old and offers treatments of most categories in psychiatry. He also has background in treating and counseling for alcohol, substance use, weight loss, and male/female libido health which disrupts a balanced lifestyle. He has interest in empowering parents to improve parenting skills and understanding their children so that mental health issues can be diminished over time. He believes that anyone committed and acting toward better mental health habits may reach their potential of harmony and growth. In his downtime he relaxes in gardening, camping, and skiing with his family. Backyard BBQs and fun games are an important part of socializing with family and friends. Personal philosophy: Past experiences do not define who we are, yet it provides the canvas of who we may become.

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