Pricing & Insurance

Flexible payment options, financial assistance, and coverage to support you on your journey.


We offer therapy services starting from $125 per session and ketamine treatments starting from $400. Our pricing varies depending on the type of treatment, practitioner, and service location.

For pricing information, book an information call with one of our health navigators.


Receipts are provided after each session is completed. You can then submit the receipts to your insurer for reimbursement. We do not provide direct billing in Canada at this time.

Insurance Coverage

Numinus can help verify and explain your insurance benefits.

Visits to a physician are covered by provincial health insurance. This includes intake and screening visits as well as medical visits. Visits to a therapist or nurse, as well as your medicine, are not covered by provincial health insurance, but may be covered by private health insurance.

Insurance for Ketamine

Treating mental health conditions with Ketamine is a promising innovation, but because it is still new, there are insurance limitations.

SPRAVATO® (a branded ketamine nasal spray) is Health Canada approved for the treatment of treatment-resistant depression and may be covered through private insurance.

When ketamine is delivered intravenously or as a lozenge, it is being used “off-label” meaning that Health Canada has not approved its use to specifically treat mental health conditions. This type of use is currently an uninsured medical service; however, if you have a private insurance provider, you may be able to claim some session types and medications. We can provide you with a detailed breakdown of the costs for each service.


If you require financial assistance, iFinance Medicard is available for Canadian citizens. Through them, you can apply for financing and possibly be approved for the funding you require.

Numinus does not receive any financial benefits or payments from iFinance for this service. We have engaged with iFinance as an option for clients that require assistance.

You can apply for financial assistance through iFinance.
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