Mindfulness for Psychedelics

Upcoming Session: May 30, 2022

Mindfulness for Psychedelics

We believe that education, community, and safety are essential for those who are working with psychedelics. Join us in an experiential workshop where you can learn harm reduction and mindfulness tools to support you in your journey.

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A harm reduction education experiential workshop

Through this live, 3-hour Mindfulness for Psychedelics workshop, you will learn tools and practices to help you prepare for and integrate your experience. Psychedelics and mindfulness have been shown in some situations to improve mental health and wellbeing and when combined, may provide an even greater, transformative benefit. Through this harm reduction education experiential workshop, you will learn about best practices, the importance of set and setting, and practical tools for navigating through your journey & beyond.

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Upcoming Session

May 30, 2022 
6:00pm – 9:00pm EST 
Live, online 

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By the end of this Mindfulness for Psychedelics course, you will know more about how to:

  • Use mindfulness practices as a preparation for navigating your journey
  • Develop intentions and goals for wellbeing
  • Utilize tools for harm reduction and managing altered states of consciousness.
  • Make meaning of and integrate your experience.    

The Instructors

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This is suited for anyone who is seeking more information on how to engage more safely and understand the benefits of their psychedelic experience for healing and transformation.  

Absolutely! Just be mindful of the time zones.  

No, most psychedelics are still illegal in most parts of the world. Please note: Numinus does not condone illegal activity. However, we will provide you with educational programs such as this, to help you learn about harm reduction 

Email us at programs@numinus.com  


This program in no way promotes, condones, or facilitates illegal activity, and is strictly for educational and harm reduction purposes only. Please be aware that certain psychedelic substances still remain illegal in many jurisdictions, including Canada. This program and the contents of this website do not constitute medical advice or a doctor-patient relationship, and are not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, which should only be provided by a physician.