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Molecular Foundations of Ketamine, MDMA, and Psilocybin

These courses will bring you on a journey through the effects elicited by ketamine, MDMA, and psilocybin on the body and mind, in the context of psychedelic-assisted therapy.

Dig into the science of important psychedelic compounds

These courses may be taken as part of the certification pathway for health care providers offering psychedelic-assisted therapy services, or for members of the general public looking to educate themselves on the molecular basis of emerging psychedelic compounds.

These courses will dig into the science of the therapeutic effects of these medicines, the molecular structure, and the way they impact the brain.

These courses can be taken together as a bundle or separately depending on the compound you are most interested in learning about. These are offered online and are entirely self-paced, allowing you to create a learning schedule that best fits your busy life. 

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About the courses

Cost Options:
$100 CAD + tax = 1 course
$200 CAD + tax = 2 courses
$250 CAD + tax = all 3 courses – Bundle and save!

Continuing Education (CE) accreditation will be available to regulated professionals upon completion. 

After the course, you’ll be able to:

Apply pharmacological knowledge of ketamine, MDMA, or psilocybin to the facilitation or development of a psychedelic-assisted therapy protocol in a clinical setting.

Compare the wide range of effects, side effects, effects of long-term use, and abuse potential of ketamine, MDMA, and psilocybin.

Apply cultural safety and humility to the administration of ketamine, MDMA, or psilocybin as part of psilocybin-assisted therapy in order to avoid cultural appropriation and cultural harm.

Screen clients and determine if ketamine, MDMA, or psilocybin would be best suited for a given client or clinical presentation.

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Psychedelic-assisted therapy aims to identify and resolve root causes of mental health conditions, working by creating a mind-opening effect through the psychedelics that allows access to deeper levels of insight and healing. Although more research is required, existing evidence suggests that combining a psychedelic experience with psychotherapy can lead to lasting changes and benefits.  

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These programs are open to health care providers and members of the general public looking to dive into the chemistry of these important molecules.

These courses are designed to be completed at your own pace. Individuals can finish one course at a time, entirely online, for maximum flexibility. 

Yes – Continuing Education (CE) accreditation will be available upon completion.   

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Refund Policy

If you are unable to attend the course, please send an e-mail confirming your cancellation to training@numinus.com. A 10% administration fee will be charged for any cancellations, based on the total cost of the course, plus tax. If you have any questions, please reach out to our team and we would be happy to support you.


The continuing professional development program in no way promotes, condones, or facilitates illegal activity, and is strictly for educational and harm reduction purposes only. Please be aware that certain psychedelic substances still remain illegal in many jurisdictions, including Canada. This program and the contents of this website do not constitute medical advice, and are not a substitute for professional medical advice and treatment.