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Practitioner Training

Numinus offers a diverse range of training opportunities for mental health practitioners to further develop their skills and expertise in offering psychedelic-assisted therapy to clients. A combination of asynchronous and synchronous learning approaches, as well as physical and virtual delivery mechanisms, we aim to offer high-quality learning and engagement opportunities.

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Our Mission

To cultivate lasting emotional wellbeing, every one of us requires regular dosing of healing, inspiration and connection. We all need to heal our traumas, find awe in the mystery and beauty of being, and share the tragic and magic with each other. Mental health practitioners depend on the same sacred sources of wellness but are called upon to facilitate access for clients. This is a rich and meaningful calling, but it can also be uniquely depleting.

We aim to provide the nurturing container for our practitioners, who are supporting the healing, inspiration and connectedness of humans in our communities. We envision an inclusive, diverse and engaged community of professionals who are deeply committed to alleviating suffering and promoting wellbeing in the world. 

Upcoming Training Opportunities

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Fundamentals of Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy

The Fundamentals of Assisted-Psychedelic Therapy will help equip mental health professionals and therapists with the foundational knowledge and skills to practice psychedelic-assisted therapy. This is a unique opportunity to learn and interact with our established Numinus practitioners as they share their real-life experiences in providing integrative and transformative mental wellness.

8-Week Program
January 30, 2023 – March 23, 2023
Thursdays at 9:00am – 12:00pm PST / 12:00pm – 3:00pm EST

Live, online

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Psychedelic Harm Reduction and Integration: Introduction for Practitioners

This workshop is an introduction to the practice of Psychedelic Harm Reduction and Integration (PHRI). It is intended to help therapists learn how to educate clients about altered states of consciousness and support integration following these experiences.

Part 1: Friday, January 13th at 9-12:30 PST/12-3:30 EST

Part 2: Friday, January 20th at 9-12:30 PST/12-3:30 EST 

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