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Psychedelic Integration

Psychedelics are everywhere, but psychedelic therapy is still an emerging field. While Numinus is at the forefront of making these medicines and treatments safely accessible and legally available to those that need them, we are also aware that there are many ways these substances are being used outside of our company. Our intention with offering psychedelic integration is to provide education to those who are seeking psychedelic therapy outside of Numinus, and to support those who have already encountered a psychedelic experience and wish to make the most out of their journey.

Now available in our Montreal and Vancouver clinics.

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Support for the journey

As experts in psychedelics, mental health and integrative healing, we’re aware that there are many paths this kind of exploration can take, depending on one’s intentions, values, and current state of wellness. With these factors in mind, there are both potential risks, and benefits to psychedelic use. Our psychedelic integration therapists and coaches are here to support you, whether you’re just looking for a bit of education and support navigating this new terrain for the first time, need help integrating a challenging psychedelic experience, or you’re a seasoned psychonaut looking to connect with experts to unpack what you’ve discovered along the way.

What does a psychedelic integration session look like?

Harm reduction and preparation

Consult with an expert about safety and substances, how to prepare for an experience to maximize safety and benefits.


Make meaning out of challenging and blissful experiences alike, and transform your life with intention.

Ongoing support

Build a relationship with an expert to support you through the ongoing arc of your psychedelic journey.



Psychedelic harm reduction and integration (PHRI) is a therapeutic framework and form of psychoeducation for addressing various kinds of psychedelic use. It brings together harm reduction practices around substance use more generally, and an emphasis on the importance of “integration” work around psychedelic use more specifically.

It does not involve the prescription, administration or supervision of psychedelic drugs or experiences; rather, it represents the support that a therapist or coach might provide to an individual who has had or intends to have psychedelic experiences on their own, outside of therapy. For example, an individual who is exploring the use of psilocybin mushrooms may seek the support of an integration specialist to help them plan for experiences they undertake on their own, to minimize risks and increase the likelihood of positive therapeutic outcomes, including through integration sessions following these experiences.

PHRI therapists do not refer clients to underground therapists, and are in no way involved with the sourcing of psychedelic substances, nor do they conduct therapy while individuals are under the influence of psychedelics.

Generally speaking, no. With the exception of ketamine, most psychedelics substances are still highly regulated. However, both the social and political climate around psychedelic drugs (and substances more broadly) is changing, both in Canada and internationally. Numinus does not advocate for illegal drug use, but we are well aware that drug laws have done far more harm than good. It has also become part of medical and public health care to provide information about ways of increasing safety for persons who use substances. We are also aware that psychedelic use is increasing, and that many people require support—especially in our world where psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy is still inaccessible to most.

No. Psychedelic harm reduction and integration sessions are intended to help individuals derive benefit from past psychedelic experiences, or ensure safe preparation for future ones. They are not intended as facilitated exploratory sessions. If you are interested in psychedelic sessions please see our ketamine-assisted psychotherapy program.

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