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Psychedelic Harm Reduction & Integration: Introduction for Practitioners

This workshop is an introduction to the practice of Psychedelic Harm Reduction and Integration (PHRI). It is intended to help therapists learn how to educate clients about altered states of consciousness and support integration following these experiences. Join Dr. Patricia Rockman, Psychologist Joe Flanders and Integration specialist Deanna Rogers as they guide you through a framework for applying harm reduction and integration in psychedelic healing.


Support your clients as they make meaning of their psychedelic experiences

Through this 1-day Psychedelic Harm Reduction and Integration (PHRI) training, you will learn the tools to help educate clients about altered states of consciousness and how to integrate these experiences afterward. By using several case studies, we will explore common themes that arise during PHRI therapy, as well as provide a framework for working with clients during integration, emphasizing somatic and mindful inquiry. This will incorporate elements from a variety of therapeutic modalities, from modern bio-medical to traditional Indigenous perspectives.

Please note that this approach applies to a range of altered states and does not address any psychedelic substance in depth. Participants will be directed to resources for further education.

Led by a physician, a psychologist and an integration specialist, this training draws upon clinical experience, current evidence, and state of best practices in the field of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy.  

About the Course

June 17, 2022 
10:30am – 5:30pm EST 
Live, online 
$300 + tax

Student Rate: $180 + tax

Continuing Education (CE) accreditation will be available upon completion.  

Participant Prerequisites

Priority will be given to licensed practitioners, including psychologists, psychotherapists, counsellors, clinical social workers and physicians. However, this training may be relevant for those who are working with non-ordinary states of consciousness outside of the clinical context. These practitioners should inquire about our registration policy by emailing training@numinus.com.


The emerging use of psychedelics

With the ongoing mental health crisis and the difficulty in meeting the needs of those who suffer, psychedelic assisted psychotherapy is emerging as a treatment modality with great potential. While these medicines and protocols are being developed for clinical settings for a variety of mental health conditions such as depression, PTSD and addictions, we recognize that these treatments are being delivered outside of the clinical context, creating potential risks to client safety.

Please note: We do not condone the use of illegal substances but believe that educating clients and therapists through a harm reduction framework is an important strategy for promoting safety. 

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The evident need for a well-described harm reduction approach to the use of psychedelics

As psychedelics increasingly enter the mainstream, so does the need for harm reduction. Clinicians need to understand the principles and practices of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy in order to promote harm reduction and outcomes, from preparation to integration. Even those clinicians who are not necessarily directly involved in this work would benefit from being informed in order to provide their patients with up-to-date, evidence-based information. A harm reduction approach attempts to educate, reduce risk, and promote safety for those who are engaging in the use of psychoactive substances.

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Through this didactic and interactive workshop, you will learn about some of the tools for applying the harm reduction approach to every stage of your client’s journey with psychedelics

From preparing clients for therapy to their medicine session to integration of the experience to help optimize outcomes, you will learn how to guide clients, should they elect to use psychedelic medicine. We will engage in case study discussions and role plays related to the various phases of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy such as assessment, preparation, set and setting, and integration. We will address the relative contraindications to exploring altered states and apply specific psychotherapeutic tools to common dysregulated states that may arise during integration.

By the end of this workshop, participants will know more about how to:

Assess the client needs during the different stages of the psychedelic journey

Apply a harm reduction framework to assessment, preparation, and integration

Articulate the current ethical limitations and considerations of psychedelic harm reduction

Support and guide clients through the integration process

About the Facilitators


We’re happy to help. Send us an e-mail at training@numinus.com 


The continuing professional development program in no way promotes, condones, or facilitates illegal activity, and is strictly for educational and harm reduction purposes only. Please be aware that certain psychedelic substances still remain illegal in many jurisdictions, including Canada. This program and the contents of this website do not constitute medical advice, and are not a substitute for professional medical advice and treatment.