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Your story is unique. So is your path to healing.

Pain can show up in many ways. Depression, anxiety, PTSD, substance use and addiction, eating disorders, and sleep problems. Whatever form your struggles are taking, our skilled team of therapists will help you get to the real root of your challenges, and build a treatment program that’s suited for you.

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Trauma-informed, person-centred support

We understand that mental wellness is ultimately about people, and our connection to one another. Our therapists bring a trauma-informed and culturally sensitive lens to everyone they support, working first and foremost to ensure you feel safe, and heard.

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A cutting edge, evidence-based approach

All of our practitioners are registered clinical counsellors or registered social workers, combining tried-and-true approaches like CBT and EMDR with the best of emerging somatic and mindfulness-based therapies.

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Our Therapists

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It depends on your personal plan. If your insurance covers Registered Clinical Counsellors, Social Workers, Psychologists and / or Registered Psychotherapists, then it will likely cover some of the costs but it’s best to check with your own insurance provider after you are matched to a Numinus practitioner, before starting therapy.  

Please select your location below to book an appointment.  All new patients will first go through a 15-20 -minute virtual intake call with our Care Coordinators to talk about what you’re going through and find a therapist that you feel comfortable and connected with. At the end of the session, an appointment with your therapist will be booked. We offer both in-person and virtual appointments. 





Currently, we only have appointments during business hours. Exceptions may be made depending on the practitioner. Please give us a call to discuss availability. 

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This will happen during your FREE intake call with our Care Coordinator. The Care Coordinators trained in therapy intake will lead you through a structured interview, normally lasting about 20 minutes, where they will both explore your needs, as well as inform and educate you about the various therapist styles and offerings. 

If there is more than one possible therapist match, the Care Coordinator will point you to the therapist profiles on our website and allow you to read your therapist’s bio, written in their own words. This allows you to get a sense of the therapist and make an informed choice. 

People choose to start therapy for a variety of reasons. Some have an existing mental health condition and need support managing their symptoms. Others recognize that there are areas of their life that could use improvement, such as in relationships, or the workplace, and are looking for support from a trained practitioner. Therapists can help provide you with concrete tools to help handle day-to-day stressors and difficulties, or they can help go deeper into your past, allowing you to explore and resolve long-standing issues. 

Fees vary by practitioner, their levels of training, experience level, as well as the province or city in which they practice. Your options will be described by our Care Coordinators during your FREE intake call.  

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If you would like to change therapists, please give us a call or send us an email and we would be happy to match you with another therapist based on your preferences and their availability. 

In a typical first session, your therapist will begin the formal intake” process with you. It will often start with a review of a therapy consent form, where things like the style of therapy provided, the rules around confidentiality and the limits thereof are addressed. Clinic policies and payment terms are also agreed to. Therapists then usually begin by asking you questions to help them get an idea of the main challenges you are currently facing, and your personal history. The final step of an intake is often the creation of a preliminary treatment plan. If you have a particularly complex personal history, the formal intake may continue on into the second session. 

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