Andrew Rose

Director, Programming and Content

Andrew officially joined Numinus at the beginning of 2021 as part of the Mindspace team in Montreal where he served as Director of Programming and Psychedelics. A trained mindfulness teacher with deep psychedelic expertise, Andrew has become an integral part of the Numinus team as our Director of Programming and Content, where he oversees the day to day development of all our programs, and plays a key role in shaping our vision for the future of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy, healthcare, and wellbeing. Andrew has been practicing meditation since 2002, having studied mainly in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition before becoming interested in the clinical applications of mindfulness. He completed his training in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction with the Centre for Mindfulness Studies in 2018 under Dr. Patricia Rockman and Dr. Joe Flanders. In addition to teaching MBSR Andrew also sees individual clients as a psychedelic integration coach and is currently enrolled in MAPS's MDMA for PTSD training program. Andrew is passionate about furthering our collective understanding of what wellbeing really means, and how it can be effectively and sustainably practiced, communicated, and scaled for the benefit of all beings. He continues to draw inspiration from various Buddhist lineages and other esoteric traditions, and is passionate about all forms of ecstatic practices for reaching non-ordinary states, including movement, somatics, and sound (in a previous incarnation he worked for many years help run a successful independent record label in Montreal). In addition to his role at Numinus, Andrew is also an assisting trainer on the faculty at Fluence, a co-director of Plant Parenthood, a community organization supporting parents and families who use psychedelics, and a member of the advisory board for the Montreal Psychedelic Society.

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Andrew Rose

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