Benny Bloomfield RN, BSN, BA

Senior Manager, Practitioner Relations

A Registered Nurse by training, Benny has established a successful career over the past 13 years as a clinician and leader in the mental health and substance use field. Benny found his was to psychedelics after reading Michael Pollan’s (now legendary) book, How to Change your Mind, and his interest in the field ballooned after attending MAPS’ 2019 Psychedelic Science Summit. In the past few years Benny has completed an Addiction Nursing Fellowship with the BC Centre on Substance Use, led a research project that examined the knowledge and attitudes of healthcare professionals towards psychedelics, and started up a the Fraser Valley Psychedelic Society. Prior to joining Numinus, Benny was a manager with Fraser Health Authority where he led numerous cutting-edge programs supporting individuals with severe mental health and substance use disorders. As Senior Manager of Practitioner Relations, Benny works directly with our practitioner community, creating opportunities for our practitioners to connect, grow and thrive.

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Benny Bloomfield RN, BSN, BA

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