Briana Cloutier (She/Her)

Doctoral Candidate in Psychology (Supervised Practice)

Briana is  a doctoral student in Psychology at the University of Montreal and she is currently working under the supervision of Karine Bertrand at Mindspace.

In an environment that is collaborative, safe, and free of judgement, she continuously aim to cultivate her clients’s authenticity and self-compassion, as well as their mindfulness abilities. She also guides clients through the process of transforming the thoughts and behaviours that are contributing to their suffering. To do so, she draws from a variety of approaches, including cognitive-behavioural therapy, schema therapy, and humanistic therapy. In addition to mindfulness, she is also interested in supporting clients through their experiences with other non-ordinary states of consciousness (e.g., holotropic breathwork, psychedelics).

She works with clients in English and in French.