Derek Covington, MSc

Mindfulness Teacher

Based in Montreal, Canada, Derek Covington is a certified mindful performance enhancement (mPEAK) instructor through the Centre for Mindfulness at the University California, San Diego. Derek began his meditation practice ten years ago alongside an active vinyasa yoga practice. Under the mentorship of Pete Kirchmer, Derek embarked on a journey to increase his capacity to live and perform mindfully by becoming an mPEAK instructor. Derek has created systems for elite performers and teams across the globe. His career spans nine Olympic Games as the Director of Olympic Performance for the Canadian Olympic Committee. As a former competitive national level athlete and coach, he learned first-hand the importance of mindfulness in achieving success – more than a series of techniques, but a personal journey. Derek combines his Olympic experience and mindful performance training into a powerful approach towards being our best selves when it matters most. Derek recently founded First Water Performance to help individuals, groups, and teams live and perform mindfully. A compassionate and supportive connector, Derek’s approach is to create awareness of the body in grounding oneself in the face of challenges, while making choices that are consistent with intentions.

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Derek Covington, MSc

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