Dr. Neil Barclay MD

Vice President, Product and Protocol Development / Regional Medical Director BC

Dr. Neil Barclay is an emergency physician and senior health administrator with a passion for empowering teams, identifying areas of change and driving quality improvements across large organizations. Having held numerous leadership positions over 10 years in one of Canada's fastest growing health regions, while at times providing oversight for over 750,000 annual emergency department visits and flow through 2,500 hospital beds, Neil is comfortable challenging the status quo and being a solutions-oriented leader with a focus on future thinking.
Having been deeply involved and impacted by the opioid and COVID-19 public health emergencies – as both a front-line worker and systems administrator – Neil recognizes the need for deeper conversations and systemic change around current approaches to health and wellness. He is grateful to be joining the Numinus team to facilitate this important shift.

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Dr. Neil Barclay MD

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