Dr. Shelagh Robinson, Senior Psychologist

Senior Psychologist

As a member of the Quebec Order of Psychologists, I have counselled in private practice in Montreal since 2008. My therapy style may be described as Humanistic and Experiential, with a focus on behavioural-cognitive strategies to promote positive change. I incorporate mindfulness training in my approach with specific attention to breath, language and eyes. I graduated from McGill University with my Doctorate in Counselling Psychology in 2002. Since 1998 I have instructed in the Department of Psychology at Dawson College where I specialize in in classes on perception and cognition, with a focus on the Psychology of Vision. I regularly counsel adolescents, adults and couples experiencing difficulties, including, stress, anger, addiction, depression, anxiety, relationship, LGBTQ+ question, eating disturbances and body image concerns. I have a strong background in counselling clients who are experiencing problems related to their visual relations/ eye contacts with other people. I enjoy research in cognitive-visual processing related to mirror reading (reverse format text), and reading in mirrors with children (to enhance eye contact). I have long been interested in states of consciousness and entheogenic studies. I primarily counsel in English.

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Dr. Shelagh Robinson, Senior Psychologist

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