Hunter Elyse, MA, RCC, CCC

Registered Clinical Counsellor

Through my own journey healing from C-PTSD, I learned first-hand the vital importance of working with the body. Therefore, my approach to counselling is a holistic one - integrating mind, body, and spirit. When we experience something that overwhelms our nervous system's ability to cope, a common protective response is to live in the mind and become disconnected from the body and soul. I support you in reconnecting to the parts of yourself that you may have abandoned or left behind somewhere along the way, so that you are able to experience ALL of who you are.   I can support you in increasing your awareness of your parts and patterns so that you have a clearer understanding of your inner landscape and feel like you have more control over yourself and your life. I am a certified trauma-informed breathwork facilitator, and have completed up to Intermediate level II in my Somatic Experiencing® professional training. My approach is trauma-informed, capacity-based, and compassion focused.   Areas of specialty: C-PTSD, Anxiety and Panic, Spirituality, and Psychedelic Integration

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Hunter Elyse, MA, RCC, CCC

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