Jessie Smith

Mindfulness Teacher

Jessie Smith is a concussion survivor (car accident, 2013) and a qualified mindfulness teacher through the University of California Center for Mindfulness. She has been practicing mindfulness since her car accident and has been on live retreats with many beloved teachers including: Rick Hanson, David Treleaven and Sharon Salsberg. Jessie now modifies mindfulness practices so that people who have experienced concussions or traumatic brain injuries can take advantage of the sweet goodness of the settled mind without going into overwhelm. Jessie has found mindfulness to be the balm that an injured brain needs, but if not introduced carefully mindfulness can be overwhelming. She offers concrete modifications to mindfulness that help survivors cultivate calm clarity, not feed the freak-out and fogginess that so often plagues concussion survivors. Jessie’s gentle, encouraging style creates community and gives students agency. Through Jessie’s Mindful Concussion approach you can lean how to respond wisely (rather than react unwisely) to the storms that come with concussion. Testimonial:

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Jessie Smith

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