Karine Bertrand, M.Ps.

Senior Psychologist

“Waking up to who you are requires letting go of who you imagine to be” -Alan Watts

My life’s work has been about empowering individuals that suffer. Whether it be supporting individuals that have experienced trauma, or struggle with their identity, this work has been about being a witness and a guide to transformation. I have been practicing over twelve years as a Psychologist and, although no longer a midwife, I practiced as one for more than five years in the Inuit communities of Nunavik, in northern Quebec. 

I am an integrative non-directive psychologist who believes in the power of curiosity and compassion for transformation and growth. I am trained in a range of approaches, from classical psychoanalysis and psychodynamic therapies to humanistic and existential approaches. Most recently, my interest and ongoing training are oriented toward a combination of mindfulness, somatic therapies and parts work (Internal Family System (IFS), with a transversal neuroscience and trauma-informed care approach. 

Given my trainings, my own experiences and current research around mental health, my passion lies in supporting individuals through non ordinary states of consciousness, which include : psychedelics, meditation, breathwork, but also trauma, giving birth, our dreams, identity formation and desolation, travel, change and the process of dying. 

I walk alongside individuals that want to look into these non ordinary states and I support them to find beauty and insights from within these experiences and within themselves. 

Ultimately, my work aims to support people who want to take charge, transform and rewrite the story of their life. 

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Karine Bertrand, M.Ps.

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