Katalin Kálmán

Executive Therapist

Kata is a Trauma and Integration Therapist, as well as an Executive Therapist at Numinus. Her expertise is with developmental trauma and the consequences of birth, pre-natal, and intergenerational trauma. Her clients have diverse presenting issues, such as depression, anxiety, addiction, different eating disorders, relationship problems, and works with them to address the root cause of it all: their trauma-history. She also offers processing and integration support following psychedelic experiences, and is highly influenced by Dr. Gabor Mate’s framework around trauma and his use of compassionate inquiry. She spent 15 years with Thich Nhat Hanh’s Plum Village using mindfulness practices and has been healing through the use of psychedelics for over 10 years. As an Executive Therapist, she journey’s with clients towards more personal, long term, and in-depth work. She believes that vulnerable leadership is what the (corporate) world needs the most right now.

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Katalin Kálmán

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