Dr. Katrine Zogbo, Psy. D, OPQ


Dr. Katrine Zogbo, Psy. D is an OPQ licensed clinical psychologist with an integrative approach to healing. She has experience working with clients from diverse sociocultural backgrounds presenting with a wide range of issues. She specializes in the treatment of relational difficulties, anxiety, depression and emotional regulation, with an expertise in challenges related to immigration and acculturation processes. She works primarily from a humanistic-existential approach, meaning she views the therapeutic relationship as a way to connect to your inner capacity to overcome life’s challenges and to attain the best version of yourself. She also works from a schema-therapy framework, meaning she focuses on built-in cognitive, emotional and relational patterns and how they might be influencing your life and the difficulties you are experiencing. She takes a trauma-informed approach and endeavors to adopt an antiracist and social justice framework. She also received training in couple therapy and the treatment of minor sexual difficulties and is currently pursuing training in somatic therapy.

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Dr. Katrine Zogbo, Psy. D, OPQ

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