Keren Chen, B.A.Sc, CF-L2

Nutrition & Wellness Coach

Keren Chen graduated from Ryerson University with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Nutrition and Food Science. She combines both holistic and science-based nutrition in her approach when it comes to healing and fuelling the body. She believes that eating a nutrient-dense diet of minimally processed whole foods is a powerful way to improve health. In addition to a varied and well-sourced diet, sleep quality, stress management, and exercise are the pillars of living a healthful, fulfilling life and addressing symptoms of some neurological conditions.
Keren offers a diverse range of personal nutrition coaching services that are tailored to each individual, and has created a tried-and-true check-in system that keeps her clients accountable and consistent. She does not believe in extreme diets or detoxes or short term fixes, her specialty is in long-term behavioural change that produce lasting results.
She also teaches workshops around the city, including DIY kombucha making, which is an interactive experience on making your own kombucha at home.
In addition to NCT, Keren can be found at WWW.KERENCHEN.CA or FACEBOOK.COM/KERENCHENNUTRITION or @kombucha.mami on Instagram.
You can reach her directly by email at HELLO@KERENCHEN.CA

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Keren Chen, B.A.Sc, CF-L2

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