Kim Dawson, PhD


As a registered psychologist in British Columbia, Kim Dawson has been helping diverse youth, adults, and families for over two decades. As a caring therapist, Kim approaches each session with calm, compassion, and curiosity. In a safe, confidential space, Kim aims to form an alliance with care-seekers, drawing on effective therapeutic approaches to uncover the meaning of challenging, or alienating experiences such as difficult trips or past trauma. His therapeutic style is grounded in an empathic personality, years of training in clinical psychology, and a life-long interest in uncovering how our lives are connected. Bearing in mind the holistic principle that the whole is reflected in every part of us, Kim commits himself to helping individuals to accept and reunify the pieces of their lives that have been repeatedly alienated. Apart from training in conventional psychotherapy, Kim has a keen interest in the healing potential of psychedelics which began in the 1980s while being trained in neurobiology. He has recently completed training with Numinus to become a Psychedelic-Assisted Therapist. By inviting the values of trust, safety, and curiosity into therapy, care-seekers can hopefully uncover what it might mean to re-unify with the healing journey that is waiting within.

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Kim Dawson, PhD

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