Robbie Woods (He/Him)

Doctoral Candidate in Psychology (Supervised Practice)

Robbie is a doctoral candidate in clinical psychology at Concordia University. His therapeutic approach is client-centred and cognitive-behavioural (CBT) in orientation that utilizes motivational interviewing to promote well-being. He works with individuals living with anxiety (e.g., generalized anxiety, social anxiety, panic, obsessions and compulsions), depression, interpersonal difficulties, low self-esteem, and sleep difficulties, along with individuals in need of ADHD coaching.

He views therapy as two individuals working together with the goal to explore, understand, and work through a problem. Clients are viewed as experts to their current difficulties in their life, while Robbie provides the knowledge and skills to help them achieve their goal[s] for therapy. Together, through the use of cognitive and behavioural strategies, therapy will be a place to be curious and approaching problems in a new way by testing out old and new ideas and see what unfolds.