Sharan Sidhu

Vice President, Scientific Research and Innovation

Extensive experience as a key strategist for research roadmaps, core initiatives and the development of research requirements and management of research projects and the development of IP. Worked as a hub between academia, industry, and governing directorates to ensure research and development objectives meet regulatory compliance at all phases of pipelines from inception to commercialization. Regulatory expert and policy advisor for restrictive high growth industries. Managed several compliance projects as well as developed requirements for LIMS, GLP, GACP, GMP as well as methods development, vendor qualification, ISO standards and training. Developed several good practices policies and quality management systems and implemented mass change control and overall, all reduction in deviations. Contributed and consulted on several governing policies, standards, and monographs internationally and contributed to industry by taking on special projects as well as volunteers for several non for-profit organizations and focuses on bridging the gap between science and industry.

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Sharan Sidhu

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