Sue Bai, RCC

Registered Clinical Counsellor

I decided to become a therapist when I became a mother and realized that I had anxiety and self limiting beliefs. I didn’t want to pass this on to my daughter, so I embarked on a decade-long healing journey. I had to dig deep and really learn how to transform the patterns that weren’t serving me or my relationships anymore. My professional and personal experiences have given me the ability to practice therapy from a trauma-informed lens. I work primarily through nervous system regulation with methods like somatic experiencing. I help people ground their healing in their minds and bodies to make real change in their lives. I believe education is empowerment so I share information with my clients so they can be the experts of their own trauma and understand how their unique systems work. My ideal client is one that is open to trying a body-based approach to healing, who might be spiritual or understands mindfulness and wants to be an active participant in their own healing.

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Sue Bai, RCC

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