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The Certification Pathway

Through our multi-course path to practice, you’ll develop the necessary skills to provide high-quality care and become a Certified Psychedelic-Assisted Therapist.

Standalone Courses

Looking to develop a basic understanding of Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy or advance your skill set? Our short courses were designed for you.

Who Is This Training For?

We offer certification pathway options and courses for providers from all backgrounds and levels of experience, including licensed and non-licensed professionals. No application process required.


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Numinus Training Policies

By registering for Numinus Training courses, you agree to the following Numinus Training policies. We invite you to have a read through to familiarize yourself with our Training policies prior to registering.


Our Training Team

With industry-leading skills and experience, our training team provides best-in-class training, curated for adult learners looking to expand their skillset.
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Our Care Model

Whether we’re delivering training or providing services in our clinics, the Numinus Care Model is the foundation of all that we do. These principles act as the guide for how we care for clients and inspire providers in the psychedelic therapy space to do the same.

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What is psychedelic-assisted therapy?

Psychedelic assisted-therapy is a form of therapy that involves the use of psychedelic medicines such as psilocybin, MDMA, and ketamine for the purpose of facilitating mental wellness, therapeutic breakthroughs, and insight.

While still largely restricted to research settings, psychedelic-assisted therapy is a broad term that encompasses a number of different approaches and protocols using psychedelic medicines, and involves protocols and practices that have been studied since the 1950s. Though psychedelics like LSD showed promise as therapeutic agents in those early years, a period of prohibition starting in the 1960s and through the early 2000s significantly hindered the research and development of these modalities.

The last decade has seen a significant body of encouraging research supporting the efficacy of psychedelic-assisted therapy for a number of mental health issues, especially depression, anxiety, addiction, and trauma. Though most psychedelics are still regulated substances, the legal and medical landscape is changing quickly, and more treatment options are starting to become available to the general public.

Are there prerequisites for your courses?

Many of courses do not have prerequisites, however some of the courses that are later in the certification pathway require some foundational knowledge and skills. Applied Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy and Practical Applications of Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy must be taken in the correct order in the pathway in order to progress through to certification.


Please see the specific prerequisite requirements on each course page.

What are Numinus' training policies?

Please consult the Numinus Training Policies for more information about our policies.

What’s included in your blended learning format?

Our programs leverage the following key learning formats, blended in a way that offers flexibility and accessibility while encouraging knowledge retention with adult learners:


Online pre-work through a Learning Management Platform

This is where learners become familiar with the theory and evidence reviews, introduce concepts through video format, engage in activities and applications of content, and test learning through knowledge checks.


 Live classes through Zoom

In the live classes, learners get to apply their skills in real time in small group breakouts, see live demonstrations of key therapy skills, conceptualize treatment through real case-based scenarios, and build community among like-minded providers.


Small group assignments

In some courses, learners are matched with a small group to practice homework assignments and provides a safe space to ask questions and review content with colleagues.

What if I’m not sure if I want to do the whole certification or if this is the right career path for me?

Numinus has two different options for learners that are unsure about how far they want to take their training in this field:


1 – Register in our Psychedelic Harm Reduction and Integration course to learn about some of the ways you can support clients with their own journeys, while not diving too far into offering psychedelic-assisted therapy yourself yet. The total time commitment in this course is 10 hours, so it’s a low-commitment option for new providers to dip a toe into training.


2 – Our certification pathway is structured using cohorts, meaning learners can get a certificate for completing each individual component and can stop at any point in the pathway when they feel their training goals have been met. Learners can start with Fundamentals of PAT or Molecular Foundations and will receive certificates for those courses, regardless of their decision to pursue full certification or not.

I’m already highly skilled and have taken many other training programs. Why should I do this one too?

All providers, at any level, will be challenged to learn something new and apply skills in a new way throughout all of our courses. In Fundamentals of PAT, you will likely be matched with a small group that have very different experiences from you and you’ll be challenged to discuss cases and approaches with colleagues that will offer fresh perspectives and new strategies for you to apply in your own work. There are also opportunities to volunteer for live demos with our expert-level instructors, which is a rich opportunity to take your knowledge to the next level, given its tailored to your current abilities and willingness to dive into the exercise.


Further, the psychedelic landscape is shifting incredibly rapidly, which means new research, models, and approaches are developing and continuously becoming available. Numinus programs stay on the cutting edge of science and will help to ensure you have up-to-date education in the field. Highly successful providers in this field will be the ones who prioritize continuing education in their practice and want to align with the current evidence-based approaches.

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